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Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody

Every - all Singular, use a singular verb.

Every day brings new adventure.

Everybody is here. = All the people are here.

           (Todo mundo está aquí.)

Everybody wants to be famous.

Everyone = Everybody

Everything is all right. = All things are O.K.

(Todo está bien.)

Everything looks good.

I have looked everywhere for my keys. = I have looked in all the

                          places I can think of to find my keys.

                  (He buscado mis llaves en todas partes.)

Some - More than 2 Some people are vegetarians.

    (algunos)                       (Algunas personas son vegetarianas.)

Some - a nonspecific quantity used with food and drink or other

                     noncount nouns. I want some pizza. I need some help.

                     Se usa cómunmente con comida y bebida y con otras

                      palabras donde no se especifica la cantidad.

                      Quiero pizza. Necesito ayuda.

Somebody - a person       (alguien)              Someone = Somebody

Something - a thing       (algo)

Somewhere - a place  (en algún lugar)

Nobody - no person     (nadie)                         No one = Nobody

Nothing - no thing     (nada)

Nowhere - in no place (en ningún lugar)

Anybody - any person                                   Not Anybody - no person

(cualquier persona)                                        (nadie)

This is so easy, anybody could do it.

This is so hard, nobody could do it.

There isn't anybody who could do this. (No person could do this.)

               (No hay nadie que pudiera hacer esto.)

Anyone = Anybody

Anything - any thing                                      Not Anything - no thing

(cualquier cosa)                                               (nada)

You can have anything you want.

You can't have anything.

Anywhere - in any place                                      Not Anywhere - in no place

(en cualquier lugar)                                                     (en ningún lugar)

We can talk to God anywhere.

I don't want to go anywhere expensive.

It was a job that anybody could do.

Everybody thought somebody else would do it.

So, nobody did it.

(Era un trabajo que cualquier podría hacer.

Todo mundo pensó que alguien [otra persona] lo haría.

Así que, nadie lo hizo.)